What's in it for you

Life needs balance. That's something we intrinsically understand. So if you're wondering how we can help you balance work commitments with life and social commitments, spend some time reading what we have to say here.

Considering the social, economic and environmental impact of our activities is second nature to us. We want to act responsibly to our people, local communities and the greater global population. Take our new building in Inverness for instance - Great Glen House. It sets new environmental standards for buildings across the UK at a time when we face the growing threat of climate change - we believe it's one of Scotland's most sustainable and environmentally friendly buildings. And it's a real indication of our commitment to green initiatives in the workplace.

We put this greening into action at a local level too. Our Forvie National Nature Reserve visitor facility has a newly installed, mini-wind turbine on its roof. Over conventional electricity, it'll help us prevent 1.4 tonnes of carbon being released into the atmosphere.

We also support Greenspace Scotland and local greenspace initiatives. Greenspaces are the 'lungs' of our towns and cities - and help improve people's physical and mental health by providing space for informal recreation or to experience wildlife on your doorstep. In 2007-08, we paid grants of over £1.2 million to Greenspace projects.

Our people get a choice of an occupational career average salary pension or a stakeholder pension. Depending on your choice of pension, your spouse or partner may be entitled to up to three times your pensionable salary in the event of your death. So if the worst happens, you and your family don't have to worry about financial security for the future.

You'll be entitled to 30 days' holiday, plus 11.5 public and privilege holidays.

Many of the benefits we offer go beyond our legal obligation as an employer. We want to help you balance things - so we've built a range of flexible working options, including job sharing, part time hours, flexi time, homeworking and term time working.

There's also support when you need it most - nine months' paid maternity leave, three weeks' paid paternity leave, 13 weeks' parental leave and a range of other special leave options. We're also flexible over special leave, whether you're caring for dependents, volunteering, need time off for jury duty, medical appointments, or a bereavement, or want to take a career or personal development break.

Our dedicated training team shows just how much training and development means to us. We're Investors in People after all.

You'll have access to a tailored development programme, including both on and off the job training. If you want to take on professional qualifications, we'll provide study leave and there's the chance of financial assistance too.

You'll have already read about the kind of working culture we're creating in the testimonials section. However, our physical working environment is as important and we take care to ensure it's safe and meets environmental standards.

Our environment management system commits us to minimising the use of non-renewable materials, avoiding hazardous substances and harmful outputs, and using resources efficiently. We're also committed to harnessing and channelling our team's enthusiasm - and training and information about greening the workplace is readily available. We're reducing the amount of waste material we collectively produce - and promoting reuse and recycling. Greening considerations are being built into all our procurement decisions, we're reducing our CO2 emissions and overall reliance on motor vehicles, and we're minimising our overall energy consumption.

You'd expect no less from us.