Laura Baxter

Marine Advisory Officer

Growing up by the sea, I suppose it was inevitable that it'd become a big part of my future.

Joining SNH gave me the chance to actually influence the sustainable use and protection of the marine environment. The job's quite diverse, this year I managed a three week loch survey in the Sunart SAC and SSSI, evaluating the reef, algal and seagrass features the site's designated for. Fascinating stuff.

This kind of work means I need a lot of ongoing training - diving, powerboat handling, first aid and taxonomy are just the start. And that's great. It ties in really well with my personal interest - I'm a keen diver, and I teach at a local club as well as dive with friends regularly. Just one way my job and my personal life work together.

The feeling you get when you find exciting and rare marine features really is its own reward. So bringing that together with the training I receive, the friendly and encouraging atmosphere in our team, loads of social opportunities, and the chance to make a difference, even if it's just a small one, makes it a job in a million for me.