Operations North Area Administrator, Golspie

I've been with SNH for a while - and when we made the move to Inverness, I saw it as the right opportunity to move my career on. So I changed jobs - and I changed my life too.

Everything about SNH feels interesting and worthwhile. I have a financial admin background - processing invoices, dealing with payments and queries, banking and accounting procedures - and I really love it. But what makes SNH different is what I'm doing it for - spending time in the natural heritage and seeing, and hearing about, all the different things we've achieved, makes me feel very proud. And it's made me look at life outside work differently too - I enjoy taking time to appreciate the natural heritage now, even just simple things like going on walks in the country and trying to identify the different species I see.

And as far as the working culture goes, I feel really fortunate. There are loads of different people doing loads of different jobs - specialist, administrative, managers. And that makes it a really interesting place to be - opinions everywhere, fresh ideas, you name it. The benefits aren't bad either - 30 days' annual leave, flexi hours, training and development, and a good pension.