Anne Murray

Area Officer – Dingwall

While I was a student, I was lucky enough to do two weeks' work experience with SNH's Aberdeen office, supporting the Cairngorms National Park consultation but most importantly getting the chance to go on a number of site visits with different Area Officers. This first contact really impressed me - the diversity of work the Area Officers were involved with was very impressive. So I jumped at the chance to join the team when I graduated.

I've been in four different area officer jobs since then - all very different from one another - and I'm now in a more specialist role leading on complex casework, including wind farm and hydropower applications, and advising on environmental education. For part of my job I work closely with the Scottish Government, local authorities, and developers as well as colleagues advising on the natural heritage implications of these big developments. For the other part I work closely with organisations DELIVERING environmental education.

The variety of my job suits me well and I enjoy the challenges that it presents. For someone who's really interested in the outdoors and nature its a worthwhile and rewarding career, and the fact that it's matched by a friendly atmosphere, good working conditions, great training and opportunities to progress and push myself means, for me, it's pretty much perfect.