Andy Dorin

Head of Corporate Planning & Information

I really feel that helping the organisation use good business information makes a real difference to the way it delivers for the natural heritage, for our customers, and as an employer.

I've been with SNH since it was formed in 1992 - I had worked with its predecessor, Nature Conservancy Council, advising on bats, badgers, newts and other wildlife, as a species protection officer.

I work alongside some really smart people - so it's always stimulating. There is a strong sense of purpose, and a very open culture. Different views are respected and the internal debate is ultimately channelled into helping improve decisions. So there's a really good feel to the organisation and some great colleagues. But more than that I feel we make a positive difference to SNH's work. Sometimes the best rewards are not from our own core tasks but when we can help someone else achieve something. Right now I'm working closely with a colleague leading a project to raise standards on all our National Nature Reserves. My role's limited. But I'm getting a real buzz from feeling that I am actually helping someone overcome genuine difficulties and deliver something of lasting benefit to both nature and the thousands of people who will visit our reserves.